The Most Popular Quotes of Tere Liye, Dare to Update?

Tere Liye is becoming a hot conversation on social media (again). The reason, Tere, who is the author of best-seller novels, is upset because the words of his compositions are used as selfie photo captions. His frustration was then expressed through a fierce status on his Facebook page

According to Tere, most people who take selfies from their quote aim to show off. Not to mention, said Tere, the selfie photos uploaded did not match the quotations. For some young people, Tere Liye is indeed an idol. His books are selling well on the market, so the quotes in various books are often used as references by teenagers to adults. Here are a number of popular quotes belonging to Tere Liye. Have you updated them as captions in your photos?

  1. About life
    “This is my life, and I don’t care what you judge. After all, I live not to make people happy, let alone spend time listening to their comments.”
    This quote from Tere Liye’s novel entitled Pulang. This novel published in September 2015 tells the story of the life of a son of the Bukit Barisan named Bujang.
  2. About hope
    “People who harbor feelings are often trapped by their own hearts. Busy arranging all the events around him to justify his heart hopping. Being busy connects many things so that his heart likes to hoard dreams. So that one day he does not know which node is real and which node is a lie.”
    This one quote was quoted from Tere Liye’s novel entitled Daun yang Jatuh Tak Pernah Membenci Angin.
  3. About friendship
    “Many friendships become bickering, not rebuke each other just because of trivial things. But a true friend, there is no argument that will separate them. They can get past it, apologize to each other, and then the friendship will grow closer.”
    The quote was uploaded for the first time on Tere Liye’s Facebook page. This statement about true friendship is so popular that it has been re-uploaded by social media accounts.
  4. About women
    “Women, never cry because of men. If the man really loves you, he will always stay in your life, whatever happens, even when aliens attack the Earth from other galaxies.” This Tere Liye quote is addressed to women. The first time it was uploaded on its Facebook page, this expression was immediately popular and 4,000 times shared, not including reprints on other social media.
    Well, which quote is your favorite?

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