How To Build A Mount Bromo Tour Business

Mount Bromo is one of the mountains located in East Java and Mount Penanjakan is one of the highest hills that are still close to Mount Bromo which from its peak we can see the beauty of the sunrise and the natural surroundings. In addition, there are also other hills such as the Teletubbies hill, Savana Hill and a stretch of sand that is no less interesting to visit. This makes many local tourists and tourists from abroad who are interested in visiting Mount Bromo because of the different tourist icons of other mountain tourist attractions.

Especially in the holiday season or weekend, the number of visitors will rise and transportation demand will increase. For those of you who live in the area around Mount Bromo or any citizen, this can be used as an opportunity to build a Mount Bromo tour service business tour in Surabaya. For those of you who are outside the area who want to invest, you can be looking for local workers, because tourists will be more confident in workers who come from local residents who know the ins and outs of the route to Mount Bromo. For those of you who are interested, there are several ways to build a mount Bromo tour business that must be done, as follows:

  1. Knowing consumer’s behavior. By knowing the habits carried out by visitors to Bromo, such as the arrival schedule, packages that suit their needs, and tourist attractions frequented by tourists can make you determine the product of the Mount Bromo tour that will be established.
  2. Government roles. In order for your tour business to become a legal company, you must take care of all the permits with the government. This can also make visitors more confident with the mount Bromo tour that you established. Some things that must be resolved include, Government permits and Government taxes, Government Regulations on tourism service activities, Tourism Products are permitted.
  3. Bank and financial institutions. This is to make a financial record if there is a payment or expenditure by transfer. Besides that, it can also show that you are able to set up a Bromo mount tour business.
  4. Competitors. Give attention to the way competitors provide prices, present products and so on to know their strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Make some social media for digital marketing. From that, you can give the information product, direct selling, product branding and so on.

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